PointCount for Coral Reefs

PointCount for Coral Reefs(c) DustanLab is a Windows/ Win95 based program developed to utilize the random point count method to accurately estimate percent coverage of corals, sponges, and associated substrate from framegrabbed underwater video imagery. It is a Visual Basic program which interacts with Image-Pro Plus(TM), an image analysis applications software package produced by Media Cybernetics. PointCount calls an image file into Image-Pro for display and then overlays a unique random point array over the image. The user identifies each point sequentially and enters the data via a mouse driven interface (GUI). Each line of the data file contains the identity of the point and all associated metadata. This data file grows as the user analyzes additional images, creating a single file with all the point identification information in it.

PointCount for Coral Reefs(c) makes image identification an efficient process. An image can be called up with a mouse click, a random number generator supplies points for each frame or the program uses a unique set of random points stored on CD-ROM at the time of image capture. Species and substrate identifications require only a single mouse click, corrections and multiple selections are very easy to make, and preprogrammed hot keys help speed the process along. Image quality may be enhanced by de-interlacing and application of a sharpening algorithms within ImagePro Plus(c). All data and metadata associated with the image are automatically saved to a comma separated value text file (ASCII). The data are complete, compact, can easily be sent over the internet to colleagues, and can be readily accessed by virtually any spreadsheet or statistical analysis program. PointCount for Coral Reefs(c) has been key in making possible the analysis of large numbers of underwater images needed for a routine monitoring program such as the Florida Keys Coral Reef Monitoring Project.

Minimal requirements for PointCount for Coral Reefs(c): Windows 3.1 with 4mb RAM, CDROM, and 10 mb of HD space. Optimal computer configuration is WIN95, 32 mb RAM, 24xCDROM, 500+mb HD. Licensed copy of Image-Pro Plus(c) by Media Cybernetics::

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    (301) 495-3305 (301) 495-5964 (Fax)
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The cost of Image-Pro Plus(c) Version 3.0.1 for Windows3.1/Windows95 or Windows NT 4.0 is currently $3,499. Contact Media Cybernetics for more information (http://www.mediacy.com)


Framegrabbing can be accomplished in a number of ways. Image-Pro Plus(TM) contains framegrabbing routines that can be used quite successfully to deal with video transect data in conjunction with a variety of commercially available framegrabber cards. We use a Flashpoint(TM) card by Integral Technologies and archive images onto CD-ROM in .TIF and .JPG format. We can provide image-to-CD-ROM framegrabbing on a limited basis at a cost of approximately $3US/meter of transect.

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